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19th October 2023

The ideaSpace Podcast with Leo Rayman

Leo Rayman, founder of EdenLab, chats with Ben Hartley about business sustainability leadership, the role of startups in climate action and how to translate sustainability objectives into tangible, on-the-ground actions.
10th May 2023

The ideaSpace Podcast with Umaima Ahmad

Umaima Ahmad, CEO and co-founder of 52North, is our Cambridge Tech Week special guest. She spoke to Ben Hartley about how the idea for 52North came about and how she's embracing the challenges of her entrepreneurial journey.
2nd December 2022

The ideaSpace Podcast with Jim McDougall

Our latest guest is Jim McDougall, co-founder of Outfield Technologies, a Start-up which combines machine learning with drone technology. Hear about the early years and how the products evolved, what kind of mindset it takes to be successful and some of the difficulties in running a start-up.
22nd August 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Simon Hall

Here's the next in our Business Basics series, which focuses on communications for Start-ups. Hear Simon Hall, experienced journalist and Director of Creative Warehouse, talk us through how to get your value proposition right, how to successfully pitch and present - and so much more!
28th June 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Simon Thorpe & Phil O’Donovan

This episode, the first in our Business Basics series, is perfect for any founder thinking about fundraising. Cambridge Angels, Simon Thorpe and Phil O'Donovan share a ton of practical advice as well as what to avoid! It's a hugely informative listen.
13th May 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Joe Parry

Joe Parry, founder of Cambridge Intelligence talks us through how he took an idea and turned it into a product - and then a business with customers all over the world. It's honest, insightful and a great episode.
6th April 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Tristram Norman

This is such a good story! Hear about the early days at Simprints, the challenges they’ve faced along the way and Tristram's own experience of going from start-up to a hugely successful social enterprise.
6th March 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Rosemary Francis

Rosemary Francis, an expert on computer architecture, high-performance computing and analytics, tells her Start-up Story - from the early days of starting her company to the importance of networking to being a female founder in a male dominated space.
15th February 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Matthew Cleevely

Matthew Cleevely, co-founder of 10to8, talks about the ups and downs during the early days of building his business and the lessons learned from mistakes made along the way. Enjoy Matthew's Start-up story.


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