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13th May 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Joe Parry

Joe Parry, founder of Cambridge Intelligence talks us through how he took an idea and turned it into a product - and then a business with customers all over the world. It's honest, insightful and a great episode.
28th April 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Simon Thorpe & Phil O’Donovan

This episode, the first in our Business Basics series, is perfect for any founder thinking about fundraising. Cambridge Angels, Simon Thorpe and Phil O'Donovan share a ton of practical advice as well as what to avoid! It's a hugely informative listen.
6th April 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Tristram Norman

This is such a good story! Hear about the early days at Simprints, the challenges they’ve faced along the way and Tristram's own experience of going from start-up to a hugely successful social enterprise.
6th March 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Rosemary Francis

Rosemary Francis, an expert on computer architecture, high-performance computing and analytics, tells her Start-up Story - from the early days of starting her company to the importance of networking to being a female founder in a male dominated space.
15th February 2022

The ideaSpace podcast with Matthew Cleevely

Matthew Cleevely, co-founder of 10to8, talks about the ups and downs during the early days of building his business and the lessons learned from mistakes made along the way. Enjoy Matthew's Start-up story.
23rd September 2021

The ideaSpace podcast with Jason Mellad

As an investor in early stage life-science Start-ups, and an entrepreneur himself (not to mention an ideaSpace alumni), Jason has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with founders who are beginning their Start-up journey.
30th April 2021

The ideaSpace podcast with Guy Blaskey

Guy Blaskey, founder of Pooch & Mutt, discusses some of the lessons he’s learnt from experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of building his business.


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